PCA SKIN Smoothing Toner 206ml

PCA SKIN Smoothing Toner 206ml

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PCA SKIN Smoothing Toner 206ml

This Salicylic and alcohol-free toner is formulated with lactic and citric acids to help refine pores, remove superficial dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and clear. Aloe keeps the skin well-hydrated in the process.

Ideal for:

All skin Types

Normal to Oily skin

Breakout prone skin



Refines Pores


Key Ingredients:

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Powder 

Botanical Extracts

Lactic Acid

Citric Acid 


After cleansing, moisten a cotton pad with a small amount of Smoothing Toner and apply in upward and outward strokes over the face and neck. Use once daily or as needed.