Aspect Dr Hydrashield with Zinc 112g

Aspect Dr Hydrashield with Zinc 112g

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Aspect Dr Hydra Shield with Zinc  112g
Australian Skin care designed for the Australian climate.
Hydra Shield with zinc oxide is a light weight, hydrating moisturiser with the ultra protective benefits of zinc oxide,Caprylic triglyceride, gluconolactone and glycerin assist with improving epidermal hydration, held in the skin with the support of emollients like square and oils of wheat germ, jojoba, olive and soybean
Hydra shield is packed with potent skin protective antioxidants such as beta-glucan and a variety of tocopherols, essential to reducing cellular oxidation in the skin when exposed to harsh environments

Suitable for:

All skin types
Dry and dehydrated skins


Enhanced hydration
Antioxidant protection
Non greasy or sticky
Lightweight formulation
No white residue